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1. When is it?
Saturday, September 7th, 2013

  • 8:00am-9:30am:  Race day registration open
  • 9:30am:  Little Gorilla 1K Fun Run starts
  • 9:45am:Most Creative Gorilla Costume Contest
  • 10:00am:  5K Gorilla Run starts

2. Where does it start?
Start and finish location will be at Victoria Park.

3. How long is the route?
It is a fun, scenic 5K route that will take you along the river. There's also a kid's 1K fun run!

4. What does it cost to register?
To secure your place, all participants need to pay a non-refundable registration fee. The pricing structure is as follows:

Category Until Sept. 5th Sept 6 & 7
First Time Adult Gorilla $99.95 $109.95
Returning Adult Gorilla $40.00 $50.00
First Time Little Gorilla* (12 & under) $30.00 $40.00
Returning Little Gorilla (12 & under) $15.00 $25.00

*Note: Little Gorilla costume includes safari shirt with gorilla sleeves & gorilla mask. Additional charges will be applied for adult suit upgrades. 

Please be aware there is a processing fee for the use of credit cards.

The gorilla suit is yours to keep!

5. How can I register?

Call the gorilla hotline at 780-720-2064

Fill out the registration form with payment by cheque made out to Canadian Friends of MGVP & mail to:

Canadian Friends of MGVP
P.O. Box 69184
13040-137 Ave.
Edmonton, AB T5L 5E3


Visit Running Room at 8537 - 109 Street Edmonton, AB T6G 1E4 and fill out a registration form.

6. What comes with registration?
Along with entry into this fun event, first time gorillas receive a full gorilla suit...yours to keep! The suit comes with a gorilla mask and hands.

7. I want to register as a GROUP.
It's easy......Just have your leader (or Silverback) send a note to saveagorilla@yahoo.com for instructions on registering your group. There is a minimum requirement of 10 people to make a group and receive a 10% off registration discount. Note: This offer cannot be combined with other discounts.


8. How long will it take?
That depends on how fast you are. A 5K is a little over 3 miles and if you are running, it will probably take about 25-30 minutes. For those walking the 5K, it should not take more than 1 hour.

9. Can I enter as a team or family?
Yes! You can create a team and enter as a theme gorilla team. For example: Hula Gorilla Team and you all wear hula skirts. There will be an award for the “The biggest team”. So, why not get your colleagues, sports team or even your real family to form a gorilla team? Last year our largest team was 10 gorillas!

10. How big are the gorilla suits?
We have four suits available:

Small: Fits most gorillas under 5' tall
Medium: Fits most gorillas from 5'0" up to 5'7"
Large: Fits most gorillas from 5'8" up to 6'1".
Extra Large: Fits our Silverbacks from 6'2" up to 6'5"ish.

The suits might be a bit snug, but it all depends on the length of your torso.

Our Little Gorilla costumes include a safari shirt with gorilla sleeves & gorilla mask.

11. Can I keep my gorilla costume?
Yes! You will never have to worry about what to wear to a fancy dress party ever again! Plus, you are set for Halloween.

12. When will I get my costume?
We have a few dates for package pick-up at the Running Room. Click on Suit Pick Up for more details. You may also pick up your gorilla suit on race morning. Registration opens at 8am. If you would prefer to have your suit mailed to you for an additional cost, please email saveagorilla@yahoo.com for shipping instructions.

13. Can a friend pick up my gorilla suit for me?
Yes! No problem. Friends or family members may pick up your gorilla suit.

14. How can I get around the course?
You can run, walk, or ride your bike. Please note that the only wheels accepted in the race are bicycles and wheelchairs. Skateboards, rollerblades, and scooters are not permitted. Please, nothing motorized will be allowed! We encourage everyone to take it easy, be safe and have fun.

15. How much do I need to raise?
100% of these funds will go to support projects managed by Canadian Friends of MGVP and Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund. We encourage participants to set a goal of $250.00. We have great prizes for fundraising gorillas!

16. What's up with the Silverback After Party? TBD






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